Thursday, 25 October 2012


Well its been a long time since I came on here!! A very long time. But I wanted to get my blog up and running again to share my bear making.

In the last year I have changed my job, changed it again, moved and accumulated many more bears within my hug! A very beary busy year which has meant I haven't done as much sewing as I would have liked to - but I am getting there!

It is now October and I had an extremely successful fair in June with the Teddy Bear Artist Event in Stratford. I sold three bears and also won first prize in one of the exhibitors challenge categories - to say I was chuffed is an understatement! I then went on to sell those two competition bears straight after the show. I then did the South London fair in Leatherhead and the Belvoir bear fair meeting so many lovely people along the way.

My bear making has been evolving over the last year with new designs (I will post some piccies below!) I have also been using some alpaca.

My website is still up and running - you can join the mailing list or message me -

On the 11th November I will be exhibiting at the Telford bear fair in Telford promising to be an amazing bear. I have 9 bears ready - hopefully 14 for the event (half term - hooray!) and am looking forwards to seeing exhibitors and collectors alike :).

I will then be exhibiting at the Great Yorkshire Bear Event a week later on the 18th November - again this fair sounds fantastic and I am honoured to be a part of it :)

So over the half term I plan to make some amazing bears and will update you all my progress :)  Here are some bears I have made in the last year (if you are interested please message me or visit my website and message me that way) - first my Competition bears!

 Rainbow and Sprite - Sold
Cupid - Available
 Thomas - Sold
Strawberry Kiss - Sold 
Pixie - Available 
 Petal - Sold
Peewee - available 
 Ice - available
Frost - sold 
 Grace - Sold
 Flossie - Available
 Chocoalte Honey - Sold
 Little Buttercup - Available
 Isabelle - available
Chocolate collection - Chocolate Honey, Milky Way, Chocolate swirl. (milky way available) 
Bonnie - Sold 
Bluebell (Sold).