Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer is here!

Once again it has been a while since I posted on here - and seeing as I have 15 minutes spare before a house viewing (EXCITING!) I have decided to catch up on all things bear related. 

This year has gone by VERY quickly! I have tried to do as much bear making as I can but it has been difficult in the first year of my new job and working for the first time in Early Years. It is, however, the Summer now so I can concentrate on bears...except now we are hitting house hunting very hard! We have looked at a fair few houses and found one we really like but we are waiting news from the bank to see if they will accept us for a mortgage.

Anyway, in terms of bears I have got a lot of commissions to keep me busy over the Summer. I am on the reserve list for Hugglets as well (Fingers and toes crossed) so I want to make sure I have enough stock for the day just in case - as well as for other fairs I have later this year. 

A few bears have gone off to new homes recently and I have thoroughly enjoyed the fairs I have taken part in this year. Stratford was wonderful and I won third prize in one of the categories with 'Butterscotch' pictured below.

Sally has once again taken some of my bears into her shop at Bear With Me in Kettering. Please follow the link to have a look at my bears in the medium and large bears sections.

I recently finished a bear and named her Maisie. She has sold but has been changed to a boy and dicky bow has been added. However if you Like Maisie, I can make a similar one but of course my bears are all OOAK and they will never be the same edition. 

I will leave it at that so I can get off to this house viewing! Wish me luck!