Sunday, 16 October 2011

The fair is approaching!

Hello guys,

With only a week to go until my next fair, I have been busy sewing away (and nearly going blind by a flying needle from my sewing machine!) to make sure I have enough gorgeous creations to sell. I now have 14 bears to sell - my latest being created and born within the last hour! His name is Little Blue and he is a 11.5 inch bunny made from a fabulous blue splodgy mohair - I love him! He has a very appealing face! Here he is pictured below:

I have just had a huge photoshoot of my bears - you can see details on my facebook page - but here is also a group shot of the 14 bears I am taking to Minstead. Enjoy!!

I will keep you updated on how the fair goes - I will then be starting on some special Christmas bears for my fair at Brighton racecourse in December :)


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Luna - for Halloween!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update! I have finished two bears this weekend. The first is a special commission bear that I made for someone's girlfriends birthday. She is named Blossom and is made from a white faux fur material and is accessorised in pink! She is lovely - went to her new home today and she will be sorely missed!

This morning, I finished a new bear which will be making her debut at the Minstead bear fair on the 23rd October. She is fabulous - a 14 inch bunny made in white and black mohair with a jaunty hat (bought from Hugglets) a beautiful ribbon (courtesy of my good friend Oonagh of Oonagh's Original Bears) and a scar on her tummy (fitting for halloween - I may add another on her arm). I do hope you like her, she is certainly a little stunner!