Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cherry Blossom

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to introduce you to my latest creation - a cute little bunny called Cherry Blossom. She is 11 inches tall from top to toe and comes in an Easter themed basket with some cute little chicks!!!

She has been created from pink mohair and pink ultrasuede on her inner ears, foot pads and paw pads. Inside, she is stuffed with polyester filling and glass beads in her arms and legs. She is further weighted with some steel shot in her tummy. Around her neck she has a purple ribbon complete with five easter themed buttons and a little bow on her ear finished her off perfectly :)

I have just had a call from my mum. I sent a picture to her earlier of Cherry Blossom and she loves her so Cherry Blossom is now sold! I will be making a grey bunny similar to Cherry Blossom, so if you liked her, then watch this space :)
Thanks so much!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lemon Drizzle


The month of March is going very quickly! I have now been teaching my new class for two weeks! It is still strange to be teaching on my own, I still sort of feel like a student, but sometimes I feel like I am the class teacher and it is fab :).

I finished my latest bear yesterday - Lemon Drizzle. He has had three photo shoots now as I have entered him into an online award! I don't mind if he doesn't get anywhere, it is the experience that counts and I look forwards to getting some feedback eventually. He is made from a beigy-yellow mohair and is stuffed with heavy polyester filling and some glass beads in his arms and legs. I had him without ears for at least four days, I adored him! He looked like a little Yeti, but at some point, he had to be able to hear properly. Im so pleased with his overall look, he is a  little sweetie.

This is an amazing week for me, as Lemon Drizzle is sold! He is my first sale and is going to a fab home to a lady I met last week. I visited my mum today and she asked if he was for sale as she wanted him. She was so sad when I said he was sold, so she has asked me to make her a black bear in the same style.

In other news, I have just started to cut out the fur for my next challenge....a bunny! I designed it earlier, I have had the design in my head for a while but wanted to finish Lemon Drizzle first. The fur is pink, and she will be an easter bunny, sitting in a little basket :)

Here are some piccies of Lemon Drizzle from the last couple of days, I hope you enjoy him and feel free to leave a comment :)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hugglets and a Very Special Launch!

Hello fellow bear fans,

As Spring is dawning on us, I hope that you are all well and enjoying the amount of bear related events that are going on. I am suffering from my yearly early hayfever but it isn't putting me off bears!

Hugglets was a fantastic day out! Standing in the queue, fairly near the front, we were an hour early and although it was very cold, the wait was worth it. As the door opened, we scrambled inside, gave in our tickets and ran downstairs like a herd of wild animals and descended upon Kelsey's stall in the basement. What a site! Some beautiful bears, both mohair and plush which literally flew off of her stall! After much deliberation, I chose a gorgeous pink mohair bear called coconut ice, here is her picture:
She is wonderful and as you can see, her foot is signed by Kelsey :)

Onwards we went, from stall to stall admiring the talent that swept through the four halls. It was then time for me to pounce on the bear making materials and I chose some lovely material and bear making bits and bobs for a good price including a large bag of stuffing which became my santa sack. After we had dinner, we had another walk around all of the stalls where I picked up some more mohair and chose a beautiful little Jac-q-lyn bear pictured here:

Her name is Tip Top and she is from the Urchin range.

The day then ended and we traipsed back to the car with big smiles on our faces! So Hugglets was a huge success and I am already saving up for September!

Today is a very special day as it is the launch of the new Kaycee Bear collection. The launch is being held at Magpies Gifts down in Devon with two special mohair signing bears and the chance to purchase some of the new collection. Due to Magpies being a 5 hour drive away, I was unable to make it, so instead drove with a friend to One More Bear in Trentham to see some of the new bears and bunnies! I love going to Trentham as it is a beautiful place to spend the day shopping. Once in the shop I chose a new kaycee bear - Cherry pie:

I also purchased a charlie bear bunny - Caitlin who has poseable ears, she is just fantastic! Along with the new bears, Kelsey has given us the chance to purchase limited edition prints of the limited edition bears. So you can buy the number that corresponds to your numbered bear. At Trentham today, I pre ordered Lucy Locket and her print and put Harvey on layaway also with his print :) I cannot wait to get them!

In bear making news I am still working on my small bear. I haven't had time this week with my new job but hope to spend a couple of hours on him/her tomorrow. I already have a name though - Lemon Drizzle!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, keep an eye out for my next bear!