Sunday, 2 March 2014

Looking to the week ahead...

Good evening,

Today I have been cracking on with my two current projects. I could not finish my black and white cat a few weeks ago due to not having any cats eyes. So after hand painting them and allowing them to dry, today I have finished all 6.5" of him! This is domino the cat - his eyes sparkle!

Then I carried on with my reddy-brown bear who I am VERY excited about. He is a wonderful size and weight and his fur is SO soft! This is 11" Rusty!

And there ends bear making for another week. The week ahead holds lots of school work (I had best get going with my planning after I have typed this post up!). I am hoping I can cut out a little viscose golden bear - I haven't ever done a bear that is less than 9 inches so it will be a new challenge! 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekends and babies!

Phew! It is the weekend! It has been a long week at work but now the sun is shining!

I had some fantastic news last night. My friend gave birth to a gorgeous little boy! 4 pounds 4 ounces, it has been a difficult journey and he had to come early but he is doing well! My husband also had an interview this week and got the job. So it has been good news all round!

Today I am meeting up with my other friend and we are going to have my dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress! It is a beautiful dress...I just hope it fits!

For the rest of today I am planning on finishing a black and white cat, and working on a reddy-brown bear too as well as relaxing...ha! Tomorrow I will finish off the reddy-brown bear and make a start on a golden coloured teddy bear.