Saturday, 23 April 2011



I have definately been busy these last few days. My quickest bear yet - 3 days although most of the work was done on the second day.

This is Chantilly, a cute pink mohair bear standing at 11.5 inches (she ACTUALLY stands as well!!) She has lovely large, squidgy feet and a big tummy to match. She has a lace ribbon and button next to her ear and a jingling bell around her neck. She is currently for sale at £64.99 - p+p is £6 in the UK, worldwide delivery will vary.

If you like Chantilly and want to see more details, please visit my website:
Thank you for looking! xxx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Yellow Bun

I would like to introduce you to my latest creation - a yellow bunny. Yellow bunny doesn't have a name yet as the owner is going to name her - but she is happy waiting =D

Yellow bunny has been created from the same mohair as lemon drizzle. She is around 11 inches tall and comes with her tush tag and tag around her neck. She has some fantastic bent arms and long ears giving her that bunny 'feel'. I have needle and scissor sculpted her face to create some cheeks and her eyes have been ringed in black to make them stand out.

She possibly has a new owner already but I will pop her in the gallery section on my website.


Charlie Bear Gathering and other things...


A lot has happened since my last post, so I thought I would take the time to tell you about it :)

On the 9th April 2011, myself and a good friend - Alison Wise of Bearlypink bears - hosted the Charlie Bear gathering in Trentham Gardens. And what a success! Over 40 of us met up to alk about all things bears taking part in a lovely buffet lunch and a fabulous charity raffle. The food went down a treat and the raffle was just amazing! With 22 prizes, there was something for all including bears, a bear making kit, £50 voucher for the bear shop...there was so much choice! In the end we raised a whopping £332! I came away with a knitted peter rabbit bunny and a wendy woo bear. The highlight of the day? Charlie and Will from Charlie Bears making a surprise appearance, it was just lovely!!!

After the raffle, people started filtering over to the bear shop and we tidied up the room before going over there ourselves. I picked up a charlie 2011 bear and two kaycee bears. The day was tiring but definately worth it. The money we raised is going towards the WSPA charity for bears.

This weekend just gone, I attended another exciting event - a kaycee bear signing down in Swanage, Dorset. I drove down very early in the morning and arrived in Swanage at around 9 o clock (after going on a terrifying journey on a ferry!!!!) The signing was wonderful - Corfe bears was packed and the shop itself is just stunning. So stunning in fact that I am planning a mini break there in a couple of months time! It was nice to finally meet the people at Corfe and I got my Corfe bunny the special signing bear. I also was very very naughty and purchased a kaycee mohair - Lucky LE 30 who was made especially for the signing.

The Easter holidays are going incredibly fast. I have managed to create a bunny who I will pop up on here in my next post. I have started a plush bear altho I cant do much more until I buy more eyes and joints. I have just designed and marked out a pink bear as well, so that may be done by the end of the holidays!!


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Freedom - A Special Raffle Bear

Hi everyone,

I have just completed a beautiful little bear. Her name is Freedom and has been made and named for a special event and charity. Next weekend on the 9th April I am co-hosting a Charlie Bear gathering in Trentham and we have organised a raffle. We have at least 10 prizes but it could be up to 15 - most of them being gorgeous bears! Freedom is one of them and represents the charity we are helping - the WSPA.

The WSPA do some wonderful things for real bears. The editor of the Teddy Bear Times Magazine - Dawn James - is going on their official bear trek this year and the money we raise will go to her fund. She will be walking miles and miles to a bear sanctuary to visit some bears that have been saved from salvery and abuse. If we can raise a little bit of money to help out these bears then it is all worth while :)

Here is Freedom. She is a 9inch mohair bear stuffed with poly-filling and some glass beads. I have made her very floppy and delicate to reflect the state of real bears in suffering - but her name represents the freedom that some bears have been given. I hope you like her, I am really pleased with her :)