Tuesday, 16 November 2010

That Tuesday Feeling

Hi everyone,

Its only Tuesday but I feel like it should be Friday! I was in a school today - I was supposed to be in year 3 but was taken into a year 5 classroom, year 2 classroom and finally a year 1 classroom before I started teaching. It was a very hard morning but it is always worthwhile (I am a supply teacher in Primary Schools).

At the weekend I was very very lucky! I started collecting Charlie bears two years ago and ever since the start I have been on the lookout for one of the original twelve - twelve bears which were part of the original collection in 2006. I have seen them on ebay many times but their price always exceeds my limits. Now that I have started my job however, things have changed! I was scouring ebay for fun and found a listing for Maximillian at about £20. So I watched the item and it finally came to the last ten minutes. After constantly refreshing the page I finally bid for him....and at the last moment I thought I was outbid and lost!

I got very upset - this is why i dont normally bid on ebay as I get really high hopes for them to be dashed. But because I had put my maximum bid to £50, I automatically bid higher than the last bidder - and I won Maximillian Charlie Bear for just under £40!!!! I have seen the photo of him - he looks to be in good condition and comes with his tags. He was posted yesterday and I expect him to arrive tomorrow =D

The only thing is I am working all day tomorow in a year 4 class - so I wont get to see him until 4.30! Something to look forwards to though eh?! ;) Ill pop a picture up of Maximillian bear as soon as he arrives.

To fill the gap - here is a picture of my latest Charlie Bear - Honeysuckle. She is part of the mohair 2010 collection limited to 350 (And I have number 2!)

Honeysuckle Charlie Bear
Thanks for looking at my blog :)

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