Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tick Tock

My current bear is going slowly. I am sooooooo close to finishing but because I lack a revolving punch plier tool, I cant create the eye felting so I cant attach the eyes :( I dont have far to go, just sew the body up and joint the bear and once the tool arrives, the bear will be finished =D He (im sure he will be a boy...) will be themed around valentines day, I bought some ribbon and some buttons for him and I think they will suit him well :)

Lots of excitement today! The Charlie bear catalogue was released and although I haven't recieved mine yet, I was still able to see the pictures through somebody else. Now, I decided that I wouldnt buy any more plush bears. Well, that went out the window, as I now have three on order. There are two other bears that I ordered but I wanted them anyway as I collect the Charlie year bears and the William plush bears. The other three are rabbits and I LOVE rabbit bears so they are allowed too lol!!!

Current bear will be up on here asap and will be for sale!
Thanks for reading :)

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