Monday, 31 January 2011

Bear being born...!

Hello everyone :)

Just an update on my current bear. Well, my intention was to alter a pattern drastically and sell it as one of my own Keli-B Bears but I was worried about copyright. I didnt want to sell the bear as my own for it to resemble the original pattern as this isnt fair to the original artist. Soooo...I jumped in the deep end and have completely designed my own bear. I used the patterns I have as guides to the size of each body bit and so far all is going well :)

The legs and foot pads are sewn in and I have started on the head. I will get the rest finished tomorrow but I have to wait to do the body because I am waiting for my first batch of tush tags to arrive! Ill get pics up of them when they arrive. Also waiting for the swing tags to come as well, nervous about those too!!!

I will get a picture of the bears head up as I am going along so you can see the progression which will be nice. More updates will follow soon.

In the rest of the bear world, I attended a Kaycee bear signing event in Loughborough this weekend. It was fantastic and I came home with a beautiful pink bunny called Blossom (pictured!). I then went over to Trentham with two friends and we walked around the shopping village to find a food outlet to host the Charlie Bear gathering in April. We have now settled on the Premier Inn on site so that will be sorted soon!

It is almost February, so it will be time for Charlie Bears on QVC on the 14th...and then...HUGGLETS!


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