Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lemon Drizzle


The month of March is going very quickly! I have now been teaching my new class for two weeks! It is still strange to be teaching on my own, I still sort of feel like a student, but sometimes I feel like I am the class teacher and it is fab :).

I finished my latest bear yesterday - Lemon Drizzle. He has had three photo shoots now as I have entered him into an online award! I don't mind if he doesn't get anywhere, it is the experience that counts and I look forwards to getting some feedback eventually. He is made from a beigy-yellow mohair and is stuffed with heavy polyester filling and some glass beads in his arms and legs. I had him without ears for at least four days, I adored him! He looked like a little Yeti, but at some point, he had to be able to hear properly. Im so pleased with his overall look, he is a  little sweetie.

This is an amazing week for me, as Lemon Drizzle is sold! He is my first sale and is going to a fab home to a lady I met last week. I visited my mum today and she asked if he was for sale as she wanted him. She was so sad when I said he was sold, so she has asked me to make her a black bear in the same style.

In other news, I have just started to cut out the fur for my next challenge....a bunny! I designed it earlier, I have had the design in my head for a while but wanted to finish Lemon Drizzle first. The fur is pink, and she will be an easter bunny, sitting in a little basket :)

Here are some piccies of Lemon Drizzle from the last couple of days, I hope you enjoy him and feel free to leave a comment :)

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