Saturday, 2 April 2011

Freedom - A Special Raffle Bear

Hi everyone,

I have just completed a beautiful little bear. Her name is Freedom and has been made and named for a special event and charity. Next weekend on the 9th April I am co-hosting a Charlie Bear gathering in Trentham and we have organised a raffle. We have at least 10 prizes but it could be up to 15 - most of them being gorgeous bears! Freedom is one of them and represents the charity we are helping - the WSPA.

The WSPA do some wonderful things for real bears. The editor of the Teddy Bear Times Magazine - Dawn James - is going on their official bear trek this year and the money we raise will go to her fund. She will be walking miles and miles to a bear sanctuary to visit some bears that have been saved from salvery and abuse. If we can raise a little bit of money to help out these bears then it is all worth while :)

Here is Freedom. She is a 9inch mohair bear stuffed with poly-filling and some glass beads. I have made her very floppy and delicate to reflect the state of real bears in suffering - but her name represents the freedom that some bears have been given. I hope you like her, I am really pleased with her :)


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