Sunday, 22 May 2011

Big Update!


Gosh it has been ages since I posted on here! I have been so busy with school and bear making!

I will be exhibiting at the Stratford Bear Artist Event in June of this year (I am exciiiiited!!). So I have been busy creating some fluffies to take with me :)

I am taking Edward whom I created a long time ago (he is still with me, I love him to bits!). I will also be taking Monty, Raindrop and Lya as well as some more that currently aren't alive yet :)

I created my first plush bear a few weeks ago - it was VERY difficult and I imagine I wont be working with plush too often but I do love the outcome. He is called Monty and is a very handsome chap:

Next comes Raindrop - an adorable little bunny! He was made in mohair - a grey one that I don't particularly like. I love the fur but the backing is atrocious to work with! Still, he turned out beautifully, he just needs a pendant to finish him off:

Finally, I would like to introduce you to Lyla. I am REALLY pleased with her, I cannot tell you how excited I am (only finished her 10 minutes ago so still hyped up a little!). She was created using a lovely white mohair tipped with stripy purple. All three of these bears will be at the Stratford Bear Artist Event:

I will also be exhibiting at two more fairs later this year - Minstead in October and Brighton in December. A very exciting first year for me and my bear making!

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