Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Getting ready for the new school year...

I now have a week and a half before I am back at school. I went in today to sort my classroom.

Anyway, now that I am going back into school (45 minute drive so I wouldn't go in unless I NEEDED to), I can now enlarge some of my patterns! My bunny pattern needs some work, Im going to tweak the legs and feet and bum, as well as the ears and then I want to enlarge it slightly to make a bigger black halloween bun. Then I will be enlarging another pattern I have got ready to create a big brown bear looking more traditional than my usual colourful ones - both will be saved for the Minstead fair.

I currently have a red and white bear on the go. Poor thing has been half sewn up for well over a week now, I am hoping to get her sewn up in the morning and start stuffing and closing up the limbs.

That is all for now, I will post a piccie up of my latest bear when ready :)

Thank you!

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