Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Time


It is now only a few days until christmas. So I thought I would bring you a couple of pictures of some bears :P

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to Eve. I made her myself using a pattern from Christie bears and I am SO proud of her. She was made for a friend for his mum for christmas. I was so sad seeing her leave but I know she will be well loved. She is my third bear so far and I am SO pleased :)

As you know - on my last post - I won a Charlie bear from QVC. Almost three weeks later and he has arrived. His box was battered and bruised but Jumbo is fine - he just needs a good brush. He has his foot pads signed - One by Will and the other by Charlie - the owners of Charlie Bears :). Here is a piccie of him looking handsome :)

Charlie Bears were on QVC again on the 17th December and the two shows were a success. I think I may have been quite ill though...I didn't buy a bear! Im saving my money for my pre-ordered bears and for fairs/signings in the new year :)

I probably wont post before christmas - but have a wonderful christmas and a fantastic new year :)

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