Saturday, 11 December 2010


Well, these last couple of weeks have been rather exciting! After my week of bears and QVC, I have settled down to doing some bear making.

A friend has asked me to make a bear for his mum. Although Im not designing yet, Im still making her a bear using a pattern (so I'm only charging for materials.) I am getting lots of practice and have stuffed and sewn the PERFECT legs. The arms are less so, but its good practice! Today I will be stuffing the head and hope to finish the bear this week. Meanwhile, my other pink bear is lying waiting for me to finish her.

My Melody bear from QVC arrived. She is beautiful - a very wobbly bear with a sweet expression. She is rather weighty and bigger than I originally thought! I got some wonderful news last week as well. I entered a competition on QVC to win a signed charlie bear. QVC announced the winner - but they also announced the wrong answer to the question. After people complained, they re-drew the competition and guess who won! ME!!!! The bear hasn't arrived yet :( But I hope he will be here very soon and I will get a piccie up!!!

Organisation is underway for the Charlie Bear Gathering 2011 being held on April 9th at Trentham in Stoke. We had a wonderful day in Stafford in September and I made a lot of good friends so it will be nice to see them again AND meet new people :)

It is the kaycee bear signing in York today at stonegate teddies. I am unable to go but have reserved a beautiful Josie rabbit and cannot wait to get her tomorrow when I pick her up from Northampton.

Speaking of Northampton, I am moving there in a few weeks. So Keli-B bears will have a new base! I might actually have somewhere to make my bears now instead of using the flimsy kitchen table! Lol! I just don't know how I am going to get 90 bears into that flat!!! Better than them being contained in a very small room though!

That is all for now. Ill get piccies up of my bear that I am creating - she should be done in the next few days.
Take care

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